McLogan Supply Company : Workhorse SD-10 Drying Cabinet [SD10] - $2,225.00

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Workhorse SD-10 Drying Cabinet

Workhorse SD-10 Drying Cabinet
Grand Total: $2,225.00

This unit is designed to eliminate problems associated with the screen preparation process. Problems such as dust and foreign materials caught in the emulsion, the application of block out and labor costs to repair pinholes and imperfections, and inconsistent drying times to name a few. The SD-10 will save you time, money and improve your overall screen quality. It’s versatility to hold a variety of screen sizes, function as a perfect stand for most bench model exposure units and affordable price, make it a welcome addition to any print shop.

  • 10-screen capacity from 20 x 24” up to 25 x 36”
  • Digital temperature control
  • Dual functioning exhaust