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Ulano #3 Screen Degreaser

Ulano #3  Screen Degreaser
Grand Total: $16.74

Degreasing should be considered a first step in stencil-making, as it greatly reduces the risk of stencil-making failure, extends on-press stencil longevity, and alleviates pinholing. Ulano Screen Degreaser Liquid No. 3 is ready-to-use--no mixing. Ulano degreases effectively in hard water. Rinses clean with hot or cold water. Non-caustic--will not harm frames, mesh, or adhesives on stretch and glue frames. Reccomended for use with all Ulano stencil systems.


  1. Apply degreaser No. 3 to a wet screen from both sides with a wet, soft, long-bristle nylon brush. Continue brushing until light foam develops.
  2. Let the screen stand a few minutes until the foam subsides.
  3. Rinse the screen thoroughly from both sides, including the inside edge of the frame and the frame corners, with hot or cold water.

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