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The Ultimate Clean Up Cards

The Ultimate Clean Up Cards
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The Ultimate Clean-Up Card is an inexpensive, disposable ink cleaning tool for screen printers. The Ultimate Clean-Up Card is designed to reduce clean-up times. They are simple to use and very convenient. They are also great for spreading pallet adhesive and block-out!


  • Low Cost - Time and material saving exceed the cost of a card.
  • Saves Time - Cleans screens and squeegees faster and more completely.
  • Disposable - Use it once and throw it away... Who has time to clean plastic scrapers?
  • Conserves Ink - Because the card cleans more effectively, less ink goes in the trash.
  • Solvent and Water Resistant - No more build up of  "Plastisol-Chuckies" as with chip-board cards. Ink wipes cleanly from card. Great for water-based inks too!
  • Strong - Strong enough to scoop thick ink from the bucket- Saves time and gloves.
  • Saves Supplies - Fewer towels and gloves are used. Less water and cleaning chemicals will be used.
  • Clean Scoop-Coaters - When the card is folded diagonally in half, the resulting profile will clean scoop coaters quickly and effectively, with less emulsion on the coater to clean.
  • Made in USA - Manufactured in the USA using domestically produced raw material

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