McLogan Supply Company : Sprayway Toner Aide #208 [sw208] - $8.00

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Sprayway Toner Aide #208

Sprayway Toner Aide #208
Grand Total: $8.00

Sprayway Toner Aide

Product Num: 208

Sprayway toner aide improves opacity to create an opaque positive film to help create higher resolution while exposing your screen. Toner aide will only work on laser film, paper vellum, transparency film, and any other toner genrated films.

  • Greatly improves toner generated image quality.
  • Develops higher resolutions for silk screening.
  • Enhances detail clarity during exposure
  • Eliminates cost of film. Cost effective alternative to auxiliary processors.
  • Use Sprayway Toner Aide on vellum, film, transparency film and any dry toner generated media.
  • Dries in minutes
  • this item cannot be shipped by air.




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