McLogan Supply Company : Roland GS-24 Small Shop Starter [RSSSK] - $1,895.00

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Roland GS-24 Small Shop Starter

Roland GS-24 Small Shop Starter
Grand Total: $1,895.00

Roland Starter Kit is everything you need to get started in a sign Business.

  1. Roland Gs-24 Cutter
  2. Oracal 651 series 1 Roll 15x10yds of 5 colors
  3. R-Tape Application Tape 14"X100yds
  4. Apllicators, Tweezers, Weeding Tool, Appliction Fluid.

#1 Roland Gs-24 Cutter

  • Width: Accepts material from two to 27.5 inches wide
  • Mechanical Resolution: 0.0005”
  • Speed: Cutting speeds up to 20 inches per second
  • Power: Max down force of 350 grams
  • Optical Registration: Recognizes crop marks produced by a variety of print-only devices and automatically aligns media so that printed graphics can be accurately contour cut.
  • Materials: Vinyl, paint mask, reflective vinyls, twill, heat transfer, and sandblast
  • Roland CutStudio™ Software included

#2 Oracal 651 Series 5 colors 15"x10yds


Our Oracal 651series Vinyl 5 Pack, is 5 rolls 15"x10yds  (Red-Black -Traffic Blue-White-Yellow) 

651-031 Red 15"x10yds
651-070 Black 15"x10yds
651-057 Traffic Blue 15"x10yds
651-010 White 15"x10yds
651-021 Yellow 15"x10yds

#3 R-Tape Application Tape 14"X100yds


  •  Here are the advantages of Conform® with RLA® versus standard application tape: Without RLA® graphics that are rolled and transported to the jobsite in the back of a work truck or shipped across country can end up with the application tape lifting from the liner and sticking to something else. Often the result is that one graphic ends up sticking to another graphic. To unravel this sticky situation, the installer wastes valuable time pulling tape apart. Sometimes the graphics cannot be salvaged. Graphics must be recut and remasked. Material and time are wasted. Jobs are delayed. And occasionally customer relations are damaged. Because these tapes lay flat and conform to the liners, even when rolled, the Conform® Series products resist wrinkling, tunneling and edge curling. Conform® Series 4075RLA® is the most popular application tape in the sign industry. It is a standard weight paper tape with a high tack adhesive, and is R Tape’s most popular tape for general sign work.
#4 Apllicators, Tweezers, Weeding Tool, Appliction Fluid.