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Ranar Curestar CS4000 Dryer

Ranar Curestar CS4000 Dryer
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Grand Total: $2,995.00

Shipping: Please allow a 2-3 week manufacture time and a 2-7 day transit time for this dryer.

Economical Silk Screen Dryer

The Ranar CURESTAR 4000 Infrared Conveyor Dryer, is the most affordable and economical 8'ft dryer for the silk screen printing market, period. Rated at 200 shirts per hour, using a 4000 watt (1) 24''x 24''heater in a 4 ft insulated tunnel achieves the lowest energy cost per unit average compared to our competitors. RANAR offers many features that other manufacturers charge extra for, such as a quality solid state heat control, adjustments for temperature, panel height, gates, and belt speed. These make setting up different applications on this conveyor dryer a snap. Crowned rollers for easy belt tracking and a 24''inch wide belt, allows Silk Screened garments printed with plastisol ink such as t-shirts, jackets, sweats, hoodies, and jerseys to be cured with ease.
Infrared Conveyor Dryer - Quality Screen Printing Equipment

We use the highest quality available infrared panels in our screen printing dryers. This maximizes energy efficiency, reliability, and honest production rates. Our motto is: ”heat the shirt, not the shop''. If a competitor conveyor dryer uses 6000 or 8k to do the same job, you're wasting energy and money. The Curestar CS4000 is featured in our pro series silk screening equipment package.


If you can not pick up this item or have it delivered (Southern California Residents Only) This item must be crated.


    Panel Height adjustment 4-7 inches off belt
    Solid State Heat Control 0-1000 degrees
    Fully insulated to keep heat where it belongs
    220 volt single phase power, 22 amps
    Low power consumption
    24X24 high performance heat panel
    Exhaust vent opening
    Solid state belt speed control
    Designed for Plastisol inks


    Solid decking
    4' belt extension