Quick Slip Top Covers To Protect The Heat Press & Image

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Quick Slip Top Covers

Quick Slip Top Covers
Grand Total: $35.00

  Your heat press has two platens, a top platen and a bottom platen.  The top platen will administer the heat, while the bottom platen will hold your garment.  Platen covers are pre-sewn PTFE covers that will protect your platens and these should be used every time you use your heat press

Here are some reasons why you should use Platen Covers:
  1. The covers will protect the heat press and your image, so that it doesn't stick to your platens
  2. PTFE is used to disperse the heat evenly, so your imprint adheres to the garment
  3. Protects the shirt from residue
  4. Easy to clean, just wipe it down
  5. Much safer way to heat press, so you don't burn yourself
  6. Your employees won't lose the PTFE since it will now be attached to your heat press
  7. Seamless more professional look for you shop

Your platen covers will last for up to a thousand presses and we recommend having two per press.

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