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ProPrep Vinyl Graphic Spray

ProPrep Vinyl Graphic Spray
Grand Total: $34.95

ProPrep is specially formulated for the vinyl graphics industry. The time saving formula of ProPrep Vinyl Graphic Spray is designed to make placing and removing vinyl graphics easier, without damaging the surfaces where they are applied.

This special formula allows optimum cohesion between the graphics and surface area; Keeping the graphics intact until removal is necessary. When removing graphics, Proprep makes it easier by releasing them at the desired adhesive/surface interface without the use of the heat or solvents. ProPrep Spray prevents peeling of paint and leaves little or no adhesive residue.

  1. Clean Surface where graphics are being applies.
  2. Polish the surface with ProPrep Vinyl Graphic Prep.
  3. Spray ProPrep Vinyl Graphic Spray on the adhesive backing of the decal. Cover the entire area.
  4. Place the graphic in the desired position on the surface.
  5. Smooth out all air bubbles and removes paper backing.

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