McLogan Supply Company : Oracal 651 Vinyl 15" 5 pack [6515pack] - $64.55

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Oracal 651 Vinyl 15" 5 pack

Oracal 651 Vinyl 15\" 5 pack
Grand Total: $64.55

Our Oracal 651series Vinyl 5 Pack, is 5 rolls 15"x10yds  (Red-Black -Traffic Blue-White-Yellow) 

651-031 Red 15"x10yds
651-070 Black 15"x10yds
651-057 Traffic Blue 15"x10yds
651-010 White 15"x10yds
651-021 Yellow 15"x10yds

Thanks to its proprietary formulation and construction, ORACAL Series 651 has become the industry standard for high performance calendered films. Only 2.5 mils thick, ORACAL 651 offers six year outdoor durability, flexibility, thermal print compatibility, and a choice of 59 high-gloss colors. This high-quality film is a good choice for moderately complex jobs that don't require the extra conformability provided by our cast films.

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