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Mug Glazer

Mug Glazer
Item#:Mug Glazer
Grand Total: $275.00

Gives Laser transfers the sublimated "look" that is so desired.

The MG-500 Mug Glazer is essential to cure laser transfers onto a mug after they have been applied with the mug press such as the HIX EP-565. There are also some limited inkjet/bubble-jet and thermal wax transfers that are also essential to post cure.

Easy to operate, a mug is put into the Glazer where the heating element heats the mug from the inside/out, melting the clear outer mug coating just enough to fuse the toner on the mug surface.

The MG-500 has an auto-reset electronic timer and start switch for easy use and consistent results. The 500 watt heat rod is more powerful, lasts longer, and is safer than quartz bulb type glazers which tend to break, burst, or burn out.