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Knifeless tape Design Line

Knifeless tape Design Line
Grand Total: $32.99

DesignLine is not made for wrapping. It is for customizing, designing and striping with cut quality equal to a plotter.
DesignLine is not a replacement for Finish Line. It is another tool for the professional artistic installer.

What's Different

- It is made to stretch. Both the tape and the filament stretch
- Slightly stretching the tape allows the tape to turn easily in any direction
- Slightly stretching the tape will create straight lines
- Prestretching the tape will allow you to do tight turns

Quicker Installs:

- You never need to preheat the vinyl to achieve great cuts
- Break the tape with your hands. No knife required
- When cutting the filament can be pulled at any angle above the tape
- You do not have to push the tape tight to the vinyl to achieve great cuts
- Pulling the small filament slowly in tight areas still gets great cuts


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