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Hix S-650P Auto Release Heat Press

Hix S-650P Auto Release Heat Press
Grand Total: $1,490.00

The 16"x20" S-650P semi-automatic (clamshell) press with digital pressure readout was designed for Direct Garment Printers. With the added feature of digital pressure readout, operators can get consistent pressure between different substrates instead of relying on feel and guess work. The press also opens automatically allowing quick hands free operation.

The HIX S-650P is the most reliable Auto-Opening heat transfer machine on the market. Requiring no air feed, this Semi-Automatic press utilizes an electronic release mechanism with a gas shock assist to guarantee opening at the end of the print cycle.

Hands free opening saves time and effort allowing the operator to apply more transfers in a shift with less effort than a traditional heat transfer press. Direct-To-Garment applications are also a large driving force in the success of the auto-open feature, allowing you the freedom of loading your printer while the last print is curing, eliminating any risk of scorching or compromising transfer quality due to overheating.

Hix S-650 P Features:
  • Digital timer
  • Digital pressure readout from 0-9 for consistent transfer pressure
  • Full adjustable pressure control
  • Digital temperature
  • Gas shock lift system
  • No air required
  • Auto-release function - auto open
  • Interchangeable lower platens
  • 16" x 20" lower standard
  • 15" x 15" optional lower
  • Weight - 95 pounds
  • Quick release mechanism allows manual override of the auto-opening cycle
  • Progressive and smooth opening feature
  • Exchangeable platens with easy and quick pin-release
  • Includes floating lower platen, elevated arm for higher pressure, digital time and temp controller and read-out, half-open lower casting for easy shirt positioning
  • Amps/Watts (120 Volt) 14.5 / 1750