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Gecko Flex Sport PVC Heat Transfer Vinyl 19"

Gecko Flex Sport PVC Heat Transfer Vinyl 19\"
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Gecko Flex Sport PVC product line excels due to perfect wash and color stability. Gecko Flex  is a matte, reflection-free  transfer film with a pleasant textile touch, coated with a heat sealing adhesive to transfer onto garments. Gecko Flex is covered with a non-adhesive carrier, enabling the stacking of weeded decals. The non-adhesive polyester transfer film guarantees perfect cutting, even the smallest details can be weeded without any problems. Transferable onto textiles such as: cotton, polyester, and cotton/poly blends.

Gecko Flex is even 19" wide which means more profit for you.

- Set heat press to 315°F, 10-15 seconds, medium pressure.

 Note: for two-colored artwork, set heat press at 305°F, heat applying the first color for 5 seconds and the second color for an additional 10 seconds.

Gecko Flex Sport is an economical cad-cut matte transfer film that provides users with great cut-ability and weed-ability. Transferable onto textiles such as: cotton, polyester, and cotton/poly blends.

1. Heating Temperature
Regular colors 315°F (160°C) . Neon colors: 302°F  (150°C)
2. Pressure &Time
10-15 seconds with Medium pressure.
3. Washing Temperature
Under 40°C.
4. Application Instruction
Cutting Application (Plotter cut, die cut, or laser cut)
a. Plotter cut letters, numbers, or designs on hot melt layer.
b. Remove unwanted area and go to Heat Press Application process.
Heat Press Application
a. Press at the above heating temperature for 10 seconds from top pet protective film with
medium pressure (around 700KGS/SQ.CM).
b. Lift up press.
c. Give it a cooling time of 5-10 seconds and then, peel off top pet protective layer.
5. Care Guide
a.Turn garment inside out, machine wash.
b. Cool/warm water temperature, line dry.
6. Wash Testing Results
After 5 cycles (30 minutes per cycle and natural line-dry clothes before another cycle.)
Under 40°C ; no excessive change in adhesion, appearance, and color.
Note : Due to the various base materials on the market, the following heat transfer instruction are
given as a guideline only.


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