Gecko Flex Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl 19"

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Gecko Flex Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl 19"

Gecko Flex Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl 19\"
Item#:Gecko Flex Reflective
Grand Total: $18.95

Why is Gecko Flex Reflective Safety Fashion superior to competitive brands?

  •  Size: 19" standard roll at 15" pricing
  • Cutting: solid visible cut lines for easy weeding
  • Weeding: low tack carrier for easy weeding
  • Application: industrial grade safety reflective film with high quality glass beads for optimal reflection
  • Production Speeds: press time of only 3-5 seconds, speeding up production time and we understand that time is.

Reflective Safety Fashion
Application to cotton, poly/cotton, cotton
*[test small sample before actual production]
Peel off protective carrier on hot melt side.       
    Reverse cut heat transfer film
    Weed image
    Press at 284 degree Fahrenheit for 3-5 seconds with medium pressure


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