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Gecko Flex Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl 19"

Gecko Flex Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl 19\"
Grand Total: $15.00

Gecko Flex Glitter has been replaced by the best heat transfer glitter in the industry,  , by Specialty Materials.  Enjoy 84 colors in 19" wide material.  


1. Heating Temperature

320 degree farenhieght.(160 degree Celsius.)

2. Pressure &Time

10 - 15 seconds with Medium pressure.

3. Washing Temperature

under 40 degree Celsius.

4. Application Instruction

Cutting Application (Plotter cut, die cut, or laser cut)

  1. Plotter cut design in reverse cut.
  2. Remove unwanted area and go to Heat Press Application process.

Heat Press Application

  1. Press at the above heating temperature for 10 - 15 seconds from top clear protective film with medium pressure
  2. Lift up press.
  3. You may peel off clear protective layer on top of reflective layer without cooling.

5. Care Guide

  • Turn garment inside out, machine wash.
  • Cool/warm water temperature, line dry.

6. Wash Testing Results

After 5 cycles (30 minutes per cycle and natural line-dry clothes before another cycle.) Under 40 degrees Celsius; no excessive change in adhesion, appearance, and color.

Note : Due to the various base materials on the market, the following heat transfer instruction are given as a guideline only.


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