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Franmar Wash Away - Solvent Ink Remover

Franmar Wash Away - Solvent Ink Remover
Grand Total: $18.95

Franmar’s Solvent Ink Remover is an excellent eco-friendly replacement for traditional mineral spirits and other volatile solvents for cleaning solvent based inks. This great formula is non-flammable and biodegradable with a very low odor. A must use product for today’s industrial ink printers!



1 Spray or pour a small amount onto screen.

2 Clean surface with a shop towel, dedicated Biggee™ pad, or nylon brush.

3 Wipe surface clean with a damp cloth or spray with water.

4 Clean both sides of screen with a shop towel.

Note: Do not let Solvent Ink Remover sit on adhesive holding mesh onto frames.


Usage Tips

• Do not dilute Solvent Ink Remover with water

 • Be sure your emulsion has some water resistance.


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