McLogan Supply Company : Dmax UV Blocking Black Dye Refill [ABI1430] - $39.90

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Dmax UV Blocking Black Dye Refill

Dmax UV Blocking Black Dye Refill
Grand Total: $39.90

Dmax Black Dye Ink™ for film printing is the same UV light blocking formulation in Freehand’s All Black Ink™ pre-filled and refillable cartridge/tank systems. Available in bottles for Freehand’s refillable cartridges and other bulk ink systems. Dmax™ Dye black printing ink delivers the power of UV light blocking technology necessary to achieve your best screen exposure from your film separations. Reaching densities at or near 5.0, there is no black dye on the market that compares.

It looks like black water, but there is so much engineering that went into this Dmax™ dye ink that dries and cures on film quickly and will not scratch off of quality film brands such as DarkStar™ Film. Dmax™ exceeds the most stringent formula requirements, and is of food grade quality (please don’t drink it). Freehand is proud of its solution and millions of films owe their success to Dmax™.


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