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ChromaTech WR

ChromaTech WR
Item#:ChromaTech WR
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ChromaTech WR is the latest water-resistant pure photopolymer emulsion. Dual cure technology is built into a ready-to-use formula. ChromaTech WR is designed for textile printing offering superior durability to water based and discharge inks as well as the press cleaning solvents used when printing plastisol inks.

Fast Exposure

Eight to nine times faster than typical two-part emulsions; thereby cutting the cost of screen making time.

Sharp Image Quality

Delivers sharp edges and excellent mesh bridging over most all mesh counts and structures.

Long Print Runs

Extreme resistance to water based, discharge, and plastisol inks. as well as the press cleaning solvents used when printing plastisol inks.

ChromaTech WR PINK is the exact same formula as the original ChromaTech WR blue. McLogan and Chromaline Screen Print Products have teamed up to create CromaTech WR in the color PINK!  During the month of October, McLogan is DONATED 100% OF PROFITS to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! It's the exact same formula, except it's PINK in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Chromatech WR Pink is available while supplies last.

CRHOMATECH WR PINK is offered during the month of October only, available while supplies last. Formula is the exact same as the original ChromaTech WR blue, the pink color is the only thing that's changed. If you have additional questions, please contact McLogan Supply Co. Inc at (213) 749-2262


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