Maintain Your Brother Ink With This Wiper Cleaning Kit

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Brother Wiper Cleaning Kit - SB5687201 GT Cap

Brother Wiper Cleaning Kit - SB5687201 GT Cap
Item#:Brother Cleaning Kit
Grand Total: $53.50

This is the cap & wiper kit that is included when you buy the Brother  250cc Black inkjet cartridge. It contains cleaning solution, swabs, the replacement wiper cassette and plastic gloves.

This is a must have maintenance item that ALL USERS should be changing on a regular basis.  When buying the Brother 500cc XL size ink cartridges, they do NOT come with this kit.  You must purchase separatly and change the Wiper Cartridge twice by the time you use one Brother Black 500cc cartridge.  Since the Brother black 500cc carts are more than twice the size of the Brother 250cc cartridges you will need two cap/wiper kits for cleaning (once when you change the cartridge and another for when the ink level indicator is at the half way mark. OLD CODE  SA5687001


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