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Blackline’s WDX Washout booth

Blackline’s WDX Washout booth
Grand Total: $1,365.00

A washout booth is the foundation of an efficient dark room, and the WDX is Blackline's top of the line washout. Constructed of easy to clean, welded polypropylene, the WDX series is precision-built and features built-in screen supports, scrubber hooks and a full ceiling and splash guards to help minimize over-spray.

The WDX comes standard with a fully backlit, semi-transparent polypro back panel that makes viewing screens easy, and the perforated drain prevents tape from clogging the waste system.

Weight: Approx. 202 lbs.

Comes standard in 36" , 48" , 60" , 72" , and 96" widths.








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