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Blackline's Large dip tank

Blackline\'s Large dip tank
Grand Total: $565.00

Dip tanks have enjoyed a huge success since being introduced several years ago due to their ability to quickly and easily remove ink and emulsion when used in conjunction with the new one-step cleaners on the market. Blackline's large dip tank is built of 3/8" welded polypropylene and holds up to six standard size screens.

 It ships UPS and comes standard with a screen hold down and a lid to minimize solvent evaporation when the system is not in use.

Measures 36" x 10" x 29" Screen Dip Tank Features

Blackline MFG CRATE $55.00 Included in price

Comes with screen hold down, support rings and lid Spigot for easy draining

Approx 45 Gallons (6-7 gallons of Easistrip Supra needed to fill tank)

Fluid Not Included.

Application for use in a dip tank:

  • Mix EasiStrip SUPRA at a ratio of up to 1:5 with water in a plastic tank.
  • Scrape excess ink from screen.
  • Place screen in dip tank.
  • Let soak in tank until the emulsion/film loosens from screen, usually just a couple of minutes.
  • High pressure rinse screen, then flood rinse.
  • If stubborn stains remain, apply an EasiWay Systems, Inc. approved stain remover, scrub and flood rinse.

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