McLogan Supply Company : BBC Little Buddy II Conveyor Dryer [BBCLBC] - $2,395.00

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BBC Little Buddy II Conveyor Dryer

BBC Little Buddy II Conveyor Dryer
Grand Total: $2,395.00

The Little Buddy II Conveyor Dryer by BBC Industries is the ideal dryer for small shops, short runs, and on-site jobs. A great finisher, featuring better exhaust and insulation to keep your shop cooler. Compact, light weight, and versatile, it can dry up to 96 shirts per hour. Units are available in 120 or 240 volts. We designed the Little Buddy II to get you on your feet and running for many years.  The Little Buddy dryer is a perfect solution for printing plastisol in a small space.


  • Single Point Power Connection
  • Belt Tracking 
  • Adjustable Belt Speed Control
  • Built-In Heat Control
  • Industrial Grade Rubber Locking Casters
  • Powered Exhaust Option
  • Easily Adjustable Chamber Curtains
  • Circuit Breaker Protection   



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