McLogan Supply Company : Avery MPI 1105 EZRS Supercast 54x50yds [AVMPI1105EZRS-54] - $714.15 - Vehicle Wrap Vinyl

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Avery MPI 1105 EZRS Supercast 54x50yds

Avery MPI 1105 EZRS Supercast 54x50yds
Grand Total: $714.15


 Avery MPI 1105 Supercast Series Vinyl is a premium gloss opaque vinyl designed for use in fleet marking and vehicle wrap as well as corporate identity applications. MPI 1005 Supercast provides superior conformability to irregular surfaces such as compound curves and corrugations Easy Apply and Easy Apply RS features offer the benefits of reduced wrinkling and air entrapment inherent in the application of decals. The RS feature also provides repositionability and slideability for exact positioning.


 Flat, Flat with Rivets, Corrugations, Complex Curves (vehicle wraps)

• Superior conformability to irregular substrates

• The air egress technology on Easy Apply and Easy Apply RS films helps eliminate wrinkles and bubbles

 • RS feature provides slideability allows for easy positioning

 • High gloss finish

 • Outstanding durability and outdoor performance

 • Dimensionally stable liner for easy converting

• Excellent dimensional stability

 • Long term removable provides permanent adhesion, but removes cleanly

 Durability: Up to 10 years Application Surfaces

Roll size 54x50yds





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