McLogan Supply Company : Autotype Hardener # A [AH#A] - $23.33

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Autotype Hardener # A

Autotype Hardener # A
Grand Total: $23.33

Autotype Hardener A chemically hardens all Poly-Vinyl- Alcohol based stencil systems to achieve maximum water and chemical resistance.   Autotype Hardener A  is used to promote higher durability for longer print runs using waterbase inks and discharge products. This product is a non-hazardous and biodegreadable. Stencils and screens will be difficult do decoat after treatment of Autotype Hardener A. 



Coat screen, expose, develop, and let dry.  Pour Hardener A on a sponge and apply to entire ink side of screen and let dry.  Pressure washing in reclaiming of emulsion with Autotype Hardener A is highly recommended. 




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