McLogan Supply Company : Workhorse Cap Max Bench Model Presses [CPMX] - $600.00

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Workhorse Cap Max Bench Model Presses

Workhorse Cap Max Bench Model Presses
Grand Total: $600.00

CapMax cap printing system is the ultimate cap printing system. It is capable of printing from simple to the most extreme designs on the widest variety of caps, including 6 panel caps. CapMax uses a curved platen and screen that follow the natural shape of the cap. CapMax is available in four configurations. The CPMX44 comes standard with both Cap and t-shirt platens making it a dual purpose cap and t-shirt printer. CapMax bench models include CPMX11, 1 color, 1 station: CPMX21, 2 colors, 1 station: CPMX41, 4 colors, 1 station. Each includes a 110 mesh screen(s), squeegee(s), and CP2 platen(s).

  • Convex screen platen system.
  • Large diameter center shaft with tapered bearings.
  • Sturdy tubular steel construction.
  • Adjustable contact and adjustable screen angle.
  • Large diameter registration points.
  • Expandable with additional print heads and stations
  • This product requires a manufacturer crate fee of $35 that will be included at checkout.