McLogan Supply Company : Mag X 30 Mill 24x50ft [M30RL] - $106.00 - Magnetic Material

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Mag X 30 Mill 24x50ft

Mag X 30 Mill 24x50ft
Grand Total: $106.00

Quality, price and service... Now you can have all three with XTRUmag

XTRUmag is a multi-purpose flexible magnetic product available in 24.75 width for signage, screen printing, digital imaging and advertising specialty. Like all MagX's products, XTRUmag is extruded which makes it the absolute smoothest and most flexible magnetic product available today and XTRUmag's exclusive manufacturing process eliminates the chance of any delamination. XTRUmag is competitively priced and is available at all three MagX locations. Try XTRUmag and experience The Power of X for yourself!


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