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While Mclogan’s praises itself on being able to teach the “Average Joe” how to screen print and make signs there is another option for people wanting to learn this trade just a block away. Los Angeles Trade Technical College offers screen printing as an elective in their Sign Graphic degree program. The screen printing program is comprehensive and teaches students how to take their artwork and burn screens, all the way up to half-tone printing and 4 color process printing.

Bert Johnson, a graphic designer, and art director who has been teaching and training students for over 30 years. Every semester Johnson’s students are sent into Mclogan’s with a list of necessary screen printing tools. Mclogan’s enjoys helping the new students get their required tools, while taking the time to further explain the screen printing process.

Bert Johnson 3

Above, Bert Johnson, shows a student how the clamp keeps the screen in place. With the right amount of pressure on the squeegee as it’s pulled, leaving the student with a clean print.

Below are pictures of students working on their own individual assignments.


The class is meant to compliment the Sign Graphics curriculum and teach screen printing as a prospective business and not as a fine art. The class is structured to give students experience in creatively solving potential problems that might come up with client requirements. In addition to using water-based inks, students use plastisols and other solvent based inks. They are alsorequired to print on several substrates so they understand the diverse applications for screen printing in a print production setting.


A student’s completed signs using Permaprint Red B/S. | Permaprint used in students’ poster project.

Permaprint Premium is a top selling waterbased ink for bright, eco friendly jobs. It’s really such a versatile ink where you can almost print it on anything.

Bryce Arpin prints on canvas. | The canvas is cut down and made into patches for bands.

Whether you are in school or just learning the business on your own, stop by Mclogan’s LA and we’ll help you with your next screen printing project.