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Graphtec CE 6000 Plus Series Plotter

Graphtec CE 6000 Plus Series Plotter
Item#:CE6000 Plus
Heat Press Upgrade:
Grand Total: $1,195.00

You can upgrade to a 15x15  clam shell heat press for Only $200.00

Graphtec CE6000 to set new cost-to-performance benchmark

The CE6000 series features the latest ARMS 5.0 (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing) system that offers unparalleled media plotting and cutting accuracy via four-point rather than the traditional three-point registration.

the new CE6000 series of plotter/cutters is destined to set a new level of performance in relation to its low cost that would be difficult to match by any similarly positioned machine currently available.

Combining all of the basic high-performance capabilities of the hugely successful CE5000 series that it now replaces, the CE6000 offers a host of advanced production features and free Graphtec Studio cutting design software at a price that will be universally welcomed by the sign and graphics and digital printing industries faced with cost-cutting necessities.

Offering outstanding performance at a realistic cost, the CE6000 moves the cutting capabilities of the CE series nearer to those of Graphtec GB's flagship FC8000 series but without the need for a huge additional investment.

Significantly, the CE6000 offers a much wider and longerlength cutting area capability, a dramatically increased cutting speed of up to 900mm/sec and a maximum cutting force of 500gf by comparison with the 300gf rating of the previous CE5000 machine.

The CE6000 series also features the latest ARMS 5.0 (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing) system that offers unparalleled media plotting and cutting accuracy via four-point rather than the traditional threepoint registration, an automatic panelling function for longer-length cutting and tracking requirements, a choice of operating modes to complement the user's skill levels and a range of different tool condition settings.

The machines also feature an enhanced sorting facility to minimise the amount of movement in the media feed function which leads to shorter cutting times and an LCD-inspired large-type easy-to-understand and navigate machine operating VDU panel.

Supplied in a choice of three models with cutting widths ranging from 15 to 48 inches to accommodate a range of different applications.


ITEM            CE6000-40                            CE6000-60                             CE6000-120

  Maximum                    14.76 in x 164 ft                                  23.7 in x 164 ft                                  47.8 in x 164ft
Cutting Area                (375 mm x 50 m)                               (603 mm x 50 m)                              (1213mm x 50 m)

  Compatible                2 in to 19 in                                          2 in to 19 in                                        2 in to 19 in
Media Widths        (50 mm to 484 mm)                          (50 mm to 712 mm)                           (50 mm to 1346 mm)

Maximum                                                                             10 mil (0.25 mm)

Media thickness

 Maximum                     24 in/s (600 mm/s)                             35 in/s (900 mm/s)                          40 in/s (1000 mm/s)
Cut Speed                       in all directions                                  at 45 direction                                  at 45 direction

Programmable                         20 in/s (600 mm/s)                                                          20 gf - 450 gf in 38 steps
Cutting Force                                   (max 300 gf)                                                                         (Max 450 gf)

Cut Thru Media                                    When using Cutting Mat/Carrier Sheet only 1
And Backing

Programmable                                GP-GL: 0.01, 0.025, 0.05, 0.1mm, HP-GL: 0.001 in (0.025mm)

Compatible                Self-ashesive vinyl film, light reflective film (except high-luminosity), Amberlith, Rubylith,
Media Types            etching resist, paint masking film, rhinestone pattern media, heat transfer vinls: flex, flock,
                                        image transfer media, vinyl print media, card stock up to 10pt (220 g/m) 1

Interface                                USB 2.0 Full Speed / Serial RS-232C

Command Modes            GP-GL, HP-GL (Selectable in command menu or aute detection)

Display Panel                   Graphic LCD with backlight (240 dots x 128 dots). Supports 10 languages

Unit Dimensions 26.5 x 13.3 x 10.5 in               35.4 x 23.3 x 41.2 in                      60.7 x 29 x 49.2 in
                                  (672 x 338 x 266mm)             (900 x 593 x 1046 mm)                (1541 x 736 x 1250 mm)
                                                                                           Includes stand                             Includes stand

Shipping Weight     27 lbs                                    66 lbs                                                           99 lbs
                                    (12.3 kg)                       (30 kg) with stand                                    (45 kg) with stand

Warranty                   1 Year Parts & labor Plus 1 Additional Year after online registration @


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