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Frog Juice H2O Waterbase QT

Frog Juice H2O Waterbase QT
Grand Total: $48.25

Frog Juice Water base (FJW) is an extremely durable, water-based,
clear urethane copolymer Coating which contains both ultraviolet absorbers
and hindered amine light stabilizers for maximum UV light protection. It is
formulated for use as a protective topcoat over computer generated pictorial
art work that has been applied to flexible vinyl. FJW is a durable liquid
laminate designed for use over inkjet printed, digital airbrush and electrostatic
transfer images. It will seal and waterproof and also provide abrasion,
weather and ultraviolet resistance. It can also be used to protect traditional
sign and graphic art work and paints that have been applied to flexible vinyl
and other substances.


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